Patient Participation Group 2013-2014 Annual Report


A big thank you to all those that have joined our Patient Participation Group and have been instrumental in making suggestions and helping us in moving forward with our plans


Our patient participation group (PPG) has now been running for approximately 3 years.  As a group we communicate mainly over email, however for those members who don’t have access to email we communicate via the postal system or telephone.

Historically we have had difficulty recruiting patients to the group and unfortunately this has not changed this past year.

Surgery Staff

Bentley Medical Practice has a compliment of staff including:

Practice Manager 1
GP’s 3
Nurse Practitioners 1
Advanced Clinical Pharmacist 1
Practice Nurses 3
Health Care Assistants 2
Finance Manager 1
Administration Manager 1
Receptionists 9

We also welcome into our practice on a weekly basis the following healthcare professionals:

  • Cardiology Specialist Nurse
  • Midwife
  • Medicines Management Pharmacist
  • Health Visitor
  • Counsellor

Opening Times

Our opening times are detailed on our website, on the practice leaflet and on the front of our building.  We are open during the following times:

Monday 08:00am-08:30pm
Tuesday 08:00am-06:00pm
Wednesday 08:00am-06:00pm
Thursday 08:00am-08:30pm
Friday 08:00am-06:00pm
Saturday 09:30am-12:30am

Please note – on Tuesdays the practice closes for staff training from 1.00pm – 2.00pm




Patients and Services

The Practice has a list size of around 5338 patients and offers a full range of acute of chronic disease management clinics / services.

Our clinics / services are accessed via our appointment system and are detailed on our website  http://www.bentleymedicalpractice.co.uk/our-services/ and practice leaflet.

Bentley    Medical Practice Capitation Report

Age Range




0 – 15 502 481 983
16 – 24 257 263 520
25 – 34 364 354 718
35 – 44 338 284 622
45 – 54 475 343 818
55 – 74 649 554 1203
75+ 210 264 474
Total 2795 2543 5338

Our Patient Participation Group

Our Patient Participation Group was established in 2011. Our group is open to any of our Patients and we actively encourage patients to join.

In the past due to poor response and support to attend meetings we decided to use a virtual forum and this has attracted more participants.  We continue to use the virtual forum to communicate with our members

We currently have 33 members.  We have recently signed up 3 nursing homes to our patient group who collectively represent 27 of our patients.

14-19y 20-40y 41-60y 61+y
Male 0 1 3 9
Female 1 4 5 7
Total 1 5 8 16

We lost 5 members of the group in the year 2013 – 14 and gained 12 members, which includes the 3 nursing homes in the area.

We believe our group is representative of the practice population in terms of ethnicity, which is predominantly White / British.  However we acknowledge that it is not representative of the age ranges.  We need to expand the PPG to include males and females in our younger age groups.

We need to also continue to encourage current members to participate in surveys and giving their views.

We advertise the PPG via practice posters, plasma screens in the waiting area and our practice website, prescription messages and reception staff asking patients if they are interested and handing out application forms to those that were interested

Our clinical staff also encourages patients to leave their details with reception so we can contact them

The practice is keen to involve patients in decisions about business development and service expansion and would be keen to encourage new members to join us.

Our Nurse Practitioner who coordinated the PPG emails and surveys etc. left the practice in October 2013.  Therefore since October 2013 the PPG has been coordinated by the practice pharmacist.  This year members of the PPG have been asked to:

  • provide feedback and ideas regarding patient priorities and issues, practice priorities and issues, practice changes, Care Quality Commission related issues and GP survey results
  • identify priority areas for the local practice survey
  • participate in the local practice survey along with our practice population
  • provide feedback on the results of the survey and reach agreement around implementing any changes.

In 2013-14, we still have a poor response to any surveys and emails we send to the group but we hope to continue growing and encourage our patients to participate in the discussions.

Achievements to date

  1. Appointment System - The appointment system and the introduction of the Rapid Access Telephone system in practice has been an important issue.  As a practice we wanted to make our appointment system allow our patients the best and quickest access to a GP or nurse practitioner.  Our PPG wanted the appointment system to be discussed in the local 2013 – 14 local practice survey to gage a wider opinion.
  2. Reception Desk Area – Advertising to our patients that if they wish to speak in private to let the receptionists know and we can arrange to do this, in a separate area.
  3. Handling of results from laboratory samples – clinicians are all trying to be more specific when commenting on results as we understand that it can cause concern using the word satisfactory
  4. Reception training – Our receptionists have recently trained in customer service in order to the give the best possible service and resolve difficulties is an appropriate way
  5. New practice website – Our website was reviewed and was revamped to provide more up to date information and easier browsing

Patient survey

The PPG was asked via email for views on the content of the local practice survey.  Due to the change in the practice lead the survey was run in February 2013 for approximately 2 weeks.  The survey was also circulated by email to the PPG.

The survey addressed issues that were raised by the PPG including:

  • The appointment system
  • Access by telephone to the surgery
  • Awareness of services available in the practice
  • Different types of consultations available e.g. virtual consultations via Skype

Due to the ongoing difficulty to recruit patients to the PPG we asked about awareness of the patients group and interest in joining the PPG

The results of the local practice survey is detailed on the website

Action Plan

  1. Raise awareness of the services available in the practice through various means e.g. leaflets, messages on reception monitor, website etc.
  2. Raise awareness of the website and the services available through it i.e. prescriptions, appointments.  How do we best highlight to patients the usefulness of the website and therefore encourage use of it?
  3. Address issues with the appointment system e.g. patients who are hearing impaired, written information to detail the appointment system, review processes in practice to ensure patient experience is optimal
  4. Encourage patients to feedback when they encounter issues with our services e.g. feedback forms in the reception area / suggestion box
  5. Encourage patients to consider joining the patient group through advertisement etc.

A copy of this report and action plan will be circulated to the PPG and a copy will be held in reception for patients to review

A copy of the report will be supplied to the NHS England Area Team to comply with the NHS England Patient Participation Directed Enhanced Service SLA 2013 – 14